Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Routine Cleanings

The Pediatric Dentist in our town in awesome!! The whole office works together to create an environment that makes my kids not even realize we are at the doctor! Here is our experience:

X-ray time for Addy.

There are TV's in the ceiling and the patients get to wear these headphones. Addy chose to watch "Bolt".
See. I really think she doesn't realize someone is poking and prodding in her mouth.
Yes. Torence got checked out too. She loves her new Piglet toothbrush.

She also got to brush the dinosaur's teeth. I caught her brushing her own teeth with the giant toothbrush a few times too!

Torence learning how to brush correctly.

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McNeil Family said...

I guess I should realize how grown up the girls are getting... but it still shocks me when I see pictures. They are practically little ladies! I love how you put that Torence might rip a chunk out of your hair. What? You've never mentioned this to me before. They are beautiful just like their momma!