Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been awhile since I have posted. We have been keeping busy and having fun. The girls are so much fun to be with everyday and are growing up so fast. Here is what we have been doing:
Baby Torence smiles now!! She is a happy, tiny, long little thing. She only weighed 9 lbs 7 oz at her 2 month appointment. I love having a baby around again. It still seems like we just brought Addy home. Babies make life slow down a little bit and leave more time to enjoy the important stuff.

Here are my little bundles of joy and the loves on my life, minus Tyler, of course.

Addy likes to take pictures now and here is one that she took of Torence in her swing. Addy does pretty well at taking pictures I must say.

Addy is really in to Princess stuff now. A few weeks ago the ladies at Tyler's office threw a little shower for Torence. I wanted to get Addy a present to open that day so she didn't feel left out. She loves the Princess jewelry and crown.

This is the most recent, tragic event at our house. Little Addy toppled off the couch and hit her face on the edge of the coffee table. She hit her mouth, nose and eye. When I picked her up there was blood above her eye, so I took her in to the bathroom to wipe it off, thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. Tyler followed and said, "She might need stitches" just as I wiped the blood off, revealing a big, deep gash on her forehead. My heart just stopped. Off to the ER we went and this is the aftermath.
This is the first "ER needing" accident at our house. I have dreaded this day since I had Addy. I know these things are bound to happen with kids, but I hated every second of seeing my child hurt. I am glad Tyler was home because he seemed to keep his cool much better than me.