Thursday, September 30, 2010

Late 20's

I was fine with turning 27 this year. I really was. Apparently the world is not fine with it. I started to have a late 20's crisis when I heard things like this:

A half-dozen time while scheduling my wisdom teeth extraction: "This will be tough because you are not 16 anymore."

At my most recent doctor's exam: "At your age, you will begin loosing bone mass."

Random person: "Aren't you too young to have 2 children? How old are you?" Then when I stated my age, "Never mind. You are not too young."

To prove to myself that I still have a lot of fight in me, I wanted to do something this year that I have never done before. The stars aligned when my friend, Jessica, asked me to start running with her in the mornings. We decided that we might as well train for a half-marathon (13.1 mile race)! A few weeks ago we finished it and I must say that those smiles on our faces are real! It felt great to accomplish a goal. I finished in 2 hours flat (9:10 Min/Mile).

Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!
What did I do afterwards? Bottled 18 quarts of fresh peaches!

So late 20's and once-a-month Boniva here I come. And I am fine with that, because I know I couldn't have done this at age 20.