Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer at a Glance

Obviously I haven't posted for awhile. We have been busy with church stuff, finishing our basement and chasing our girls around, but did manage to have a fun summer as well.

Tyler had a birthday, shout "Hooray"! Doesn't he look like a teenager in this picture?

I went to the dentist one morning and came home to find this. Tyler and Addy had Torence all dressed up!!Forgive me Mother, for I have sinned! I told the city that Addy was a bit older than she really was so she could take swim lessons. I rationalized this in my mind in several ways: #1-She is potty trained. #2-She is not afraid of the water. #3- All the kids her same school-age could take swim lessons this summer. #4-She is big for her age. Nobody even questioned me and she loved it. I will never lie about that again (she will be old enough next summer).

Addy had a birthday, shout "Hooray"!

Torence loved the 4th of July fireworks.

Addy won the 4th of July race again.

Torence has a mullet! Addy had this same mullet. I am shocked that anything that came out of me would have such a country attribute, but you know what they say: "You can take the girl out of the country, but her children will be born with mullets." Or something like that.

Torence crawls EVERYWHERE. What should I do with her now!

We put Addy in preschool this year because it is right across the street and I know and trust the teacher. Addy loves going to school and it is so fun to hear about her adventures when she comes home each day. The first thing she tells me is what kind of snack she had, followed by a play-by-play of what boys got in trouble that day.