Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project Number One.....

This weekend Tyler and I started our first major house project in this house.... Addy's room. The entire house is painted in this brown color, which we really like and will keep in most of the house, but not in a little girl's room. Here is what it looked like when we started.

This is what it looks like now, which is just crazy looking, but will all come together after Tyler puts up the bead board. My mom is passing through town on a little vacation/family visit, so Addy and I are going to jump in with her. Tyler and his friend, Nushawn will enjoy the bachelor lifestyle while I am gone and are supposed to finish the room. I don't know if Nushawn knows that is what he will be doing, but will find out soon enough.
You can see that we were both too lazy to paint the closet white, which we will probably regret later. It just seemed like such a hassle to move everything out of it and paint all of those little shelves when the doors should be closed anyway. Hey, maybe Nushawn would do that too?????

The Little Girl

A couple that I went to high school with lives close by us. You've got to love high school sweethearts. Anyway, their little girl is a few months older than Addy. They went sledding the other day and had so much fun. Addy is the one with the yellow blanket; I know it is hard to tell under all the winter clothing.

These are just some pictures of her that I think are adorable.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Benefits of a Smaller Town

I just wanted everyone to know, especially the Vegas subscribers, that I had to go to the DMV to get a new Driver's License today. I even had to take a written test, get a new photo, etc....

9:05 am- Time I left my house.
10:20 am- Time I arrived back to my snow-covered, yet very warm home.

An hour and 15 minutes is much better than the 6 hours I spent in a Las Vegas DMV a few years ago. This reason alone ALMOST makes up for this town not having a Target.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures of little Addy on Christmas morning. She was so much fun to watch while she explored her new toys and books. Also, I do realize that I am the worst photographer ever.

Addy loves her new tunnel. Thanks, Aunt Min! She crawls through it MUCH faster than her mom!

This is when she first came out of her room and saw what Santa brought.

She liked showing Grandma and Grandpa her new toys.

Opening presents with Dad.

Yeah! We have a doll house in our home. I love little girls!!!