Monday, August 11, 2008

Marriage by the Numbers

Tyler and I recently celebrated our anniversary and I wanted to highlight some of our significant numbers:

1- The number of beautiful babies we have brought into the world.
Our first Christmas as a married couple with a baby.

2- The number of diplomas we have earned as a married couple. Tyler is a T-Bird and I am truly a Rebel.

3- The number of homes we have owned. Eeekkk.

Tyler painting the garage of one of the above mentioned homes. Don't they make painting masks for that sort of task?

4- The number of "real" vacations we have taken. Vacation means actually picking a destination (besides visiting family for the weekend) and actually planning vacation-like things to do while we are there.

The view from the "cheap seats" at a Broncos game while on one of our vacations.

5- The number of times we have moved.

6- The number of years we have been married.

I love you, Tyler. Happy Anniversary!!!!